So do you think an Obama Justice Department is going to keep ACORN in line?

This could be the last election Republicans can win by electoral vote. After Obama and his thugs wreck our electoral process and 20 million former illegals vote, will conservatives be hunted down and jailed?

Actual picture of conservative caged in the future.

This could be the last even remotely fair election.  And you know what happens when elections aren’t fair?

Democrats continue playing with fire. They want to win so bad they will destroy the country to do it.

What pains me is that John McCain and George Bush spent much of 2007 and 2008 trying to ensure a permanent Republican minority.

But hey Ken… aren’t you a libertarian? Yes I am. But you know this winner take all thing really cramps my style.  So I’ve got plans for the Republicans. I ‘m going to co-opt them like the Marxists snagged the Democrats.

John McCain needs to get off his high horse and take Obama down.  If not, Iraqi troops may someday have to come here to restore democracy.