If General Petraeus tells me that publicly stating my view that Islam is a dangerous religion hurts our war effort, should I refrain?  I can tell you I would strongly consider it. Out of respect for him and what he has done.   But after some consideration, I’d probably tell him to pound sand and pull his head out of his bottom.

Drudge has him warning that the Reverend in Florida burning a Koran (Quran?) was endangering the war effort.   Thus the Reverend was not patriotic.  Was he less patriotic, for instance, than a Senate Majority Leader publically saying our war was lost?   Probably not.  But hey… Petraeus only answers the questions asked and no liberal reporter is going to ask that question.

I’m not of the persuasion that believes if a liberal does it then I should do it. Far from it.  But, unlike most liberals,  I definitely want to help our soldiers beat this enemy.   My bigger question would be what is the best way to do that?

The core question, raised by the Reverend, and ignored by Petraeus, is who exactly are we fighting?   Radical Islam is the answer most American’s would give.

And I don’t think Petraeus would give that answer. Nor would many in our political leadership.

So my question to Petraeus, and to his bosses, is that if you don’t even know who you are fighting, what are we doing fighting at all?

I want to fight Radical Islam – in a number of ways. Overseas, certainly. But I also want to keep them from living here.  I’d end Islamic immigration immediately so that we don’t have areas like England, France, and Holland where radicals can act with impunity.

I want a war effort that can work. And what we have now, frankly, probably can’t.