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Earned a school.  Hasn’t

Apparently the Nobel Committee also builds schools in Maryland… what else could explain a school named for Barack Obama before he is out of office, or dead?  Isn’t one of those the normal standard for naming schools?

Now if he didn’t suck so bad, maybe.

But come on Maryland… you only have 2.5 more years to go till he is out of office, and he will be just as (1/2) black then (the real reason it is named after him).

If you have to name it after a black person, and I’m quite sure no whites were considered, why not pick one that has actually succeeded in helping the US, or Maryland, or even black people?  Or as I show above, Denzel Washington who I’d gladly have them name a school after here in St. George.  In other words, if he is still alive, have the role model at least be at the top of his game, not flailing and failing.

I’d actually favor not naming things after politicians. Or, at least be honest, like “The John Murtha ripped off a bunch of taxpayers Airport”, or the “William Byrd gets the credit, you get the bill Federal Building”.

Hey Maryland… how about naming schools after Medal of Honor winners, or those who died in service to their country?  Come on Maryland, there is a better way.

BTW: I quite liked Washington’s recent “Book of Eli”.