The Obama Depression

I knew Obama and the Democrats were going to take over and get crazy probably from June 2008 on. The minute it looked like the Republicans were nominating McCain, I knew we were in for trouble.   Sarah Palin warmed my heart but I didn’t think she would turn the tide.

Who else knew?

The Stock Market.

The Dow Index knew… it’s down 47% since Obama’s victory became likely:


Some people can’t take a hint. Obama, Pelosi and company seem to be tone deaf that wealth and opportunity thinks they are not good stewards.

Sure, there were a lot of causes. But wouldn’t it just be obvious that a bunch of socialists taking full control of the U.S. Government would be bad for the economy?

Update: The Stimulus Bill actually costs over 3.2 trillion dollars. Any wonder the stock market is crumbling?

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  1. Obama the socialist?? Get a grip good buddy. Reagan Tripled the national debt without effecting the inevitable fall of communism under its own weight. W Bush doubled the national debt while INCREASING our national insecurity and dependency upon hostile nations. The free market Greenspan even has acknowledged that he was WRONG. The self regulation of the market is limited by the monopolization of power both political and economic. Relying on market self regulation is absolutely the cause of this depression. It all happened before Obama even had influence. Your lies to the contrary negate your credibility.

    What was it that ended the Great Depression? WWII which was not at all the free market but the mother of all government spending programs. What will work now is to massively spend on investments that will bring dividends, education and infrastructure, especially renewable energy, transportation, communications and health technology. A vast economy awaits those not afraid of progress. Conservatism has some wisdom in it but it’s emotional power is mostly the abject fear of change of any kind. If it were not for progressives and liberals we would still be living in caves on a diet of roots, berries and uncooked small game.

  2. You don’t see me saying anywhere that Bush or Reagan were great Presidents. I deplored their spending and many of their policies.

    My lies? I approved your comment in spite of such rhetoric. You may disagree with my assessment, but lying isn’t part of it.

    My point is that the markets started tanking and tanked faster and faster the more Obama was deemed to be the winner. After he won, it got even worse.

    You seem the typical liberal. Read and comment on what I write, not something you imagine is on the page.

  3. BTW: World War II ended the depression, but not until it was over and Europe couldn’t make anything and had to buy stuff from us.

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