I’ve read that it takes 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to master a complicated brain-physical task, like playing guitar, violin, tennis, golf, so forth.

By my estimate, this song, played live on BBC1, perfectly, represents about 150,000 hours of dedicated practice – or 17.1 years by the musicians involved.

Even if you don’t like the song, you can respect the effort

The song’s style  isn’t really my normal fare.  It is good, no doubt, but what I’m drawn to is the expertise the performance represents. The effort. The dedication.

So much in life means time.  I often think of it that way.  A car represents some fraction of my work year. Taxes too.

So, for instance, when I see a soldier killed, I feel sadness at the loss of life, and potential future, but I also know that parents spent years of their lives preparing the soldier to be an adult.   The investment staggers the mind when considered cumulatively. When politicians kill they are really spending other people’s past and future time.  We really ought to include that investment when calculating the possible returns from our “wars”.

I’m not advocating some silly peace platform. I’m just suggesting that if you want to make the case for taking away my son’s future, and squandering my past investment,  you (the collective, government “you”),  better offer up a better reason that you’ve been doing lately.