Steny Hoyer seems pretty stupid, you know, for an educated, “elite”, kind of fellow.

Military members are under paid, relative to risk and responsibilities. Now is NOT the time to cut their pay.

Federal employees, however, are over paid and except for paper cuts at very little risk.  We need to not only cut their pay, but also cut their numbers, their duties, and their reach.

Hoyer is of age to have served, but never did.  I don’t require it in order to speak about military issues, but this level of stupidity rises to the point where the man’s qualifications should be questioned.

His is a classic Democratic stupidity. HIs “constituency”, Federal district workers, aren’t happy, and he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the country in his efforts to please them.  What is so stupid about it is that the Federal workers, if asked, wouldn’t want what is happening to them to also happen to members of the military.

Pssstt…. Hey Steny… there’s a WAR ON.