Don’t voodoo me!

Liberals constantly make decisions from “the heart” that end up stopping other people’s hearts.  A recent example is President Obama’s decision to permit Haitians here illegally to stay. Just as America’s liberal stance on illegal immigration has sucked Mexico’s hard workers, north, Haiti’s best and brightest have moved here too.

Vox Day feels similarly:

If Haiti needs anything from the United States, it is the 30,000 Haitians who are presently in the United States illegally, and thanks to the Obama administration, will now be permitted to stay another 18 months. Since the Haitian diaspora is made up of Haiti’s most entrepreneurial and productive individuals, Haiti is far more in need of them now than ever. Both the U.S. and Haiti would be much better off if those 30,000 Haitians were given government contracts to return to Haiti and help rebuild it than remaining in the U.S. and adding to the 10 percent unemployment rate.

This may seem cold hearted, and it is, but in a tough love sort of way.  How can Haiti ever fend for itself if most of its talent is here?

This principal applies to many things liberals do “from the heart”. From welfare, to “spreading the wealth”, to pacifistic diplomacy, their “best intentions” doom billions.