Short: On par with others, a must see to understand cultural touchstone.


Nothing really more to say. You have to see it.  You JUST have to. And if you haven’t read the books you’re weird and unabomberish.

I have to wonder, though, if it is a cultural touch stone anymore.  Opening day and the theater was not full – maybe 2/3rds full.   But there was a line for the next showing.

I may have been among the first Americans to read Harry Potter, having encountered it when introduced in England. I got two UK copies of the first book, one for me, and one for a friend’s kid, who now is off at college. Time flies!

I like the stories, but I’m not a huge fan. I don’t dress up. And I understand the story isn’t “Wuthering Heights”.   But I like it.

This movie is a bit odd, they took one book and divided it up into two movies. They picked an okay spot to end this episode, but it didn’t leave me hanging.

Also, purists, like my beloved wife, SWEAR that thre were things in the movie that were NOT in the book. Sacre bleu!  Say it isn’t so.  Well… I’ve no clue. I’ve read about 200 books since I read this one, so I’ll take her word on it. She is usually right about these things… I always pick Sports not Entertainment for the final Trivial Pursuit questions. She never gets sports and that gives me most of the night to wait for easy Literature questions so I can beat her.

Anyway… it was a Harry Potter movie. Great effects. Okay acting. And you know the story already.  But go see it.