Review: Best Breakfasts in St. George


I like to eat. In fact, as I’m eating one meal, I’m often thinking about my next one!  Such is the curse of a high metabolism male.  I also believe, firmly, that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, along with lunch, dinner, and late night snacks.  I’ve reviewed lunch and dinner places on this blog, but never a breakfast place.

There are 6 places to consider for breakfast in St. George:

  • Denny’s
  • IHOP
  • Dorthalea’s
  • Fairway Grill
  • Bearpaw Cafe
  • St. Helens

Of these options, the best ones and the spots I hit regularly, each week, are St. Helens and the Bearpaw. By a narrow margin, I think St. Helen’s is the best breakfast in town, so I’ll cover St. Helen’s today,  and tomorrow, the Bearpaw.

St. Helens – on Telegraph Road in Washington is my favorite spot for breakfast in town. I eat there weekly. Once a week for a business get together, and then on Saturday mornings before our pistol matches.



While everything I’ve ever had has been good at St. Helen’s, I go there for three reasons:

  • scones – fried dough, with honey butter or regular honey
  • bacon   – the best bacon I’ve ever had eating out
  • service – friendly staff that know me, my friends and work hard.

From the outside St. Helen’s isn’t particularly impressive, and the interior is dated, but who cares.  They have SCONES! and BACON!

If you haven’t tried it, go. You won’t be disappointed.  St. Helen’s is the best breakfast in St. George/Washington county.



2 Replies to “Review: Best Breakfasts in St. George”

  1. I’ve only eaten at Bearpaw and St Helens. Your’e right about the bacon, I’ve never seen bigger or thicker slices anywhere. One piece is more than you get with a whole serving at other places.
    The scones are great. That must be a Utah thing because I’ve never seen them anywhere else.
    I always get the steak and eggs at St. Helens. Its about a 6oz sirloin. I guess the only complaint I have is the country fries could be better.

    I dont care for Dennys or IHOP. I would rather eat alomost anywhere else.

  2. Concur. On IHOP… they are better for dinner than breakfast. I grabbed a quick bite there last night on the way to a meeting. Soup and sandwich – excellent.

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