My Roku Box introduced me to Amazon Video, a service I didn’t know they provided.

Short… well done.


Picture quality, excellent. HD 1080i, no pops and clicks, flawless HD. Very nice.

Over the same internet connection I’ve had maybe one glitch in 10 hours or so of TV and 2 hours of the movie “The Town”.

Comparing that to Hulu Plus, where I’ve had to restart videos, lost connections many times, and even had the audio go out of sync with the lips,  Amazon quality is MUCH better.

Pricing… It is PPV. You can buy or rent.  I’m new to this, but the pricing seems reasonable and comparable, for instance to Dish PPV.  For some reason not all shows have the entire seasons available as a single purchase.  And, the discount for seasons isn’t dramatic.  .99 cents an episode, or $23.95 for 24 episode season. Thanks for the nickel!

Anyway… I like it A LOT.

It isn’t comprehensive, but between Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Video I’m able to find pretty much what I was looking for.