Reform means more than paying SEIU’s bills

The Democrats consistent strategy is to take a pertinent issue of the day, say rising health care costs, and then pass a law that channels money to their constituency groups.

The stimulus bill used the economic catastrophe as a means to stuff the UAW, SEIU, Acorn, and blue state governments full of our cash.

Cap & Trade, nominally for “global warming”, was really “thank you General Electric”.

And now Health Care….  The bill is Stimulus 2 – the main beneficiaries are the unions and blue state governments that are scared of their health care obligations.

REAL health insurance reform would start by focusing on making health insurance like other insurance.

My home insurance doesn’t cover repainting. My car insurance doesn’t cover oil changes, or even severe mechanical failures. My dental insurance covers dental disasters, not cleaning, toothpaste and floss.

REAL health insurance reform would return insurance to covering things you can’t afford to pay for yourself BUT that you need to replace. Like your health, your house, totaling of your car, and a tooth that is knocked out by angry SEIU thugs at a town hall.

The Democrat bill does nothing to address this. It only shifts around costs from one constituency to another non-constituency.  Reform, not really. Theft, closer to the mark.