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Reader Andrew Medina says we’re lucky to face nuclear-plant problems, because if the tsunami had hit a solar farm instead, “10,000’s of Lbs of lead and cadmium telluride would have been swept into the Sea of Japan poisoning just about everything.”

I’m very pro nuclear, not in spite of what is happening in Japan, but because of it.

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    Lead and cadmium are not soluble in water and I think their effect on the sea would be negligible.Unless the blogger has some responsible data on absorption of such metals by biological entities. And if they somehow appeared, as lead does around the world in fresh water supplies, they can be chemically removed after an investment in filters. Much of the problem with those heavy metals comes from externality-avoiding mining operations far from the sea.

    Radionuclides are a different and more insidious problem. They cannot be chemically neutralized and some of them have very long lives. And if some are in elements that would concentrate in edible seafood, the seafood industry would need Geiger counters.

    So far, though, only minor amounts of radionuclides have escaped, according to Japanese government sources (which you can decide for yourself how far to believe). The most dangerous stuff is still trapped in the reactors and could theoretically be sealed there if no explosion blows it into the biosphere. But the workers have huge handicaps against physically handling the problem.

    At bottom, there is no escape from side effect costs of generating useful energy. We just have to choose which kinds of poisons we wish to risk.

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