I don’t think about China much. I’m a busy fellow. BUT  I knew they had nukes. And Herman Cain did not.

I don’t understand why Presidential candidates need to espouse on things they don’t have firm opinions or knowledge of.  I’d be happy to accept  “I’m not ready to discuss that, I’m more focused on my 9 9 9 plan now”.

But the gaffe did get me thinking about China. And, frankly, they don’t worry me.  Oh sure, if they wanted they could take Taiwan. Or Japan. But why would they go to that trouble when they could just let a few hundred million “volunteers” absorb the Asian provinces of the old Russian empire?

So when I think about China, I think less about nukes, and more about Greece.  And in particular how little old Greece is putting a hurt on all of Europe just because they let them borrow money and screw around with their currency.

Sound familiar?  Well, we’ve got a lot more debt with China than Greece did with the EuroFools. And they’ve been holding their currency at wacky rates so they could make stuff and lend money to us so we could buy it.  And we are rapidly proving ourselves to be as irresponsible as Greece. I’d say we have China just about where we want them…

So if I were in charge, I wouldn’t worry too much about China. I’d worry more about getting our systems (free market, hard work, democracy) back in order so we can capitalize on their fall.