Pic of the Day


Sort of a crappy picture, it was taken with my phone in a no power situation.
This is part of the roof in our movie room after our flood of 2010. Caused by a water leak that ran for 4 or 5 days while we traveled, this is what most of the house looked like. We were out of it from August til December as it was rebuilt.

4 Replies to “Pic of the Day”

  1. I have decided that water is evil.

    I came home two days ago to find that a toilet had been running over all day while I was at work, soaked through the floor and into my kitchen.

    Then, yesterday, my roommate told me that the opposite side of the house had mysterious water was coming up from under his carpet…. sigh.

  2. At the moment no serious damage except a few feet of ripped-out carpet.

    Still trying to track the second leak.

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