The money spenders that caused the problem have an answer…. spend more.

Richard Fernandez vividly describes the situation:

highlights the problem of what to with an alky who owns a distillery and is lying under the spigot with his mouth open

Obama said yesterday:

He said Wednesday, without details, that his initial budget proposal next month will include "some very specific outlines" of how he plans to tackle spending. That extends to the ballooning and so-far unsolvable fiscal problem presented by the Social Security and Medicare programs, which Obama promised would be "a central part" of his deficit-reduction plan.

I’m quite sure he REALLY means that he will ask to slow the increase in Social Security spending and “tie” it to ELIMINATING the FICA tax cap.  Guess which part of that nasty trade he will get?

Which would be a huge tax increase.

I’m not sure at what point I just give up, or at what point I join (or form) the underground resistance. I could go either way. Both have their temptations.

But what I wish would happen is they would all just go away. They and their big ideas for my time and money.

It’s very discouraging.