As I look around the global scene, pretty much every player is screwed up. Us included.

That, to me, smacks of opportunity. If we get OUR act together, we can reassert our global economic dominance, and and reap the benefits that brings. And we can do so when it is hardest for our competitors to respond.  It’s like in a running race, when everybody faces the hill, and the smart runners PASS on the hill. That is where opportunity lies….

Readers of my past posts know I believe we have structure problems, stemming from flawed amendments to our Constitution, that have taken us to this brink of disaster.  And my preference would be to eliminate those amendments (16th, 17th) and clarify others (14th). 

But that will take time, and given the political gerrymandering, may not even be doable.

So what should we do, short of Constitutional solutions?

  • Simplify and broaden our tax base. I mean bone simple. No deductions, except perhaps charity (and I’m dubious of that).  Two low rate tiers – everybody has to pay something.   This would spark economic activity. Due to competition it could be the BEST thing we could do for the rest of the world, as they follow us to fiscal sanity.
  • Cut our defense obligations. Leave Iraq. Leave Afghanistan. Leave Korea. Leave Japan. Leave Germany. Leave England. Return our foreign policy to one focused on our direct needs/benefits. And one that treats our enemies with lethal precision.
  • Outlaw public unions, and any kind of political donation (money or service) from public sector employees.
  • Require super majorities to spend on any kind of public or private sector bailout.

And long term, we have to get rid of the temptations presented to our political class by the wallet exposing 16th amendment, and demographic shaping 14th amendment.

If we do most, but preferably all, of the above bullet items, we will see both economic troubles AND our competitor nations in the rear view window.

And as a bonus… freedom will continue to ring.