Fighting terrorism through union activism – join today!

I’ve sorted out how to solve this terror problem… tell the Obama administration that Islamic Jihadists management won’t let local jihadists unionize.  Then sit back and watch the fur fly as world-wide terror has a newly fierce enemy.

But alas, then I wake up, and find our illustrious leaders want to further decapitate our security efforts by unionizing TSA employees.  In light of our recent experiences with union failures, why spread the rot?

Thus, while the terrorists remain nimble, flexible and low overhead, those trying to catch them become even more sclerotic than now.

The Obama administration consistently picks the ONE wrong thing out of millions of right things.

You can’t be that good at being wrong by accident, there has to be some evil puppet master (George Soros, the Devil, any suggestions??) pulling the strings.

We should be getting rid of unions, not making more.