Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, & Harry Reid are clearly socialists or worse. But calling them that is pretty useless because most people don’t know what socialist means, and a lot of the people that do think it is just dandy.

I prefer not to call them anything. The only real name I call Barack Obama is “liar”, because he lies all the time.   That probably isn’t productive since a lot of people recoil from that term.  But if you read my Casual Lies posts, you will find the charge rests on pretty solid ground.

But we won’t beat these guys with fancy political science names and terms. The ONLY way to beat them is to come up with names and terms for what they are doing that are funny, pertinent and perfectly describe the problem with the policy, or that gently ridicule the person in question about a flaw that matters.

Hence forth, I’m not going to use fancy terms like “socialist”. Here is a start on my new list:

Obama Teleprompter in Chief
  Jimmy Carter the Second
  Money printer in Chief
nationalized health care DMV medicine, IRS doctoring
Pelosi Speaker. Where’s my Jet?
  Speaker. Shultz (I know NUTHING!)
nationalization of the car industry Government Motors
  IRS motors
  Department of the UAW
Democrats Demografts
  Hip-Pocket Party
  Joe Congressman (UAW-State)
socialist What’s yours is mine folks


This is hard, but important!  Your suggestions welcome!