Could have been in the military. Wasn’t.

Obama consistently shows that he is a crude, vile, petty man that is narcissistic to the core. 

This week’s affront?   Photo op at the Dover AFB casualty receiving ceremony.  Family didn’t want him there. Families the day or week before probably wonder why their husband or child wasn’t as important.  As will families later.

Photos aren’t permitted, well, except for Barry.

The affronts just never end with this guy. And it’s all so that Sony can interleave his visit to the Presidential poll improving Osama killing Seal Team 6’s tragedy into the movie they are making that is sure to feature Blair Underwood pensively saying “go”.

It’s all Barry all the time at this White House. The nation??? just props, victims or productive people ripe for exploitation.

If you voted for this fool, you should be ashamed. And if you still support him then you really need your head examined.