The Telegraph (UK) reports dire economic news from Europe:

"Industrial sentiment has never experienced such a rapid slump. There is an implosion of demand."

The extreme drop in business expectations causes companies to jettison workers:

Spain lost almost 140,000 jobs in December, pushing unemployment to 3.1m or 13.4pc. The Labour Office said the country had shed a million in jobs in 2008 as the building boom collapsed. This is equivalent to 7m job losses in the United States.

So what would make demand rise?   Well why did it fall?  It fell because people became concerned about governments actions.  So why should we expect it to rise when they offer us more of the same crazy governmental taxing, spending, money printing, corruption and waste? 

That’s what they promise us. But why should promises like that make me “demand” anything other than their resignation?

The thing to remember is that most of this is mental. Perception. The government people are like a bad pickup artist – they see every response in one way – let us control more of what you do, we’ll make it better.

Unfortunately, they have the monopoly on force and they will force their views on all of us until the threads of society snap and revolution sweeps it all away.

I don’t want that to happen, which is why I’m really pissed at our “leaders” right now.