This new, unsubtle, painting from Patrick McNaughton is the latest in his patriotic paintings.

Another recent, far more subtle, efffort showed Obama stepping on the Constitution as some Presidents cringed (Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Lincoln) and others applauded (Clinton, Carter, Roosevelt).   Bush looks away.

He does a nice job of summing up a President’s impact on our freedom with their visual response to Obama tromping on the document.  Madison is the most affronted.

I welcome McNaughton’s pushback and attempt to visually reflect what a lot of us our feeling.   I’m not sure how commercially successful they will be, as how many people want negative imagery on their wall?   I certainly don’t want Obama anywhere on my wall, or Carter, Bush, or Roosevelt for that matter.   We tend towards Tuscan fields, or pictures of the kids.

The left has it easier, they can show the government giving you stuff.  But never the government taking out of the other pocket.

I applaud McNaughton’s efforts, and but I hope that he, or somebody, can come up with positive visual imagery of liberty.  I’m not talented that way.