A judge declared the mandate part of ObamaCare unconstitutional today.  This was surprising, that a judge actually was well versed in the Constitution.  But pleasing.

But… I can’t but be concerned that this was what they wanted all along.  Let’s think it through:

Obama really wants socialized medicine.

Insurance companies let private people band together to handle this on their own.

Insurance companies were required to cover people with pre-existing condition.

To offset this, everybody had to buy insurance via “the mandate”.

Now nobody will buy insurance until they are sick.

Thus raising rates for those that do. They leave the pool.

Thus killing insurance companies.

Thus making the only “banding” together a governmental option – aka socialized medicine.


I suppose I’m happy that this judge knew the Constitution, and that this action could delay the damage ObamaCare does before it is repealed. But if it isn’t repealed, then we are hosed faster than we would have been without this court case.