Start: 201
This morning: 183

Yesterday, I implied I’m happy at 186 and feeling as peppy and clear headed as I’ve been feeling.  Note the weight this morning… my body disagrees. It says “lower Ken!”.

I’ll go along. And I sort of felt this coming. I’d been going hard for two weeks, and last night I slept from 9:30 or 10 til 8:30 this morning. An absurd amount of sleep for me.  As an example, the night before, not atypical, had been 1:30 to 6:15.

We will see what it says tomorrow, but if I was happy at 186, then I’m happier at 183.

Note that I’ve stopped the exercise portion due to a tweaked knee from other activities. I’ll resume that once it feels right.  I’m continuing various yoga stretches.

Dinner Last Night:


Simple – a pork chop seasoned with lemon pepper, and lentils just cooked in a hambone and onion.  Very tasty.



Egg Beater w/salsa omelet.  Sauerkraut. Lentils.

I’d always put the salsa on the outside, but today I put it on the inside. The result was a yummy omelet.  I ate it all.