Last time I went to SmashBurger I ate a jalapeno chicken salad.  I liked it.  But today, I noticed something in the menu that got me chatting with the manager… Veggie Frites.

Veggie Frites

Basically, wok fried veggies, flash fried for about 40 seconds in olive oil, rosemary and pepper. Cooked on the outside, still crisp on the inside. Super tasty.

And then I asked about no-bun chicken sandwiches, and they made me a chicken bacon wrap:


Both were very good. I ate them ALL.  The “wrap” part didn’t really pan out. So I ate it with a fork and knife.


Tasty, but not that filling.  I was hungry again at 3PM.  So I ate a snack of a protein shake

30g protein, 1g carb/sugar

and what I call a “hamturk” roll, where I roll turkey and ham deli meat together and munch it down like a burrito.

That should hold me til my late supper tonight.