image Should read “This Country”….

The Senate votes on an amendment by John Thune (R-SD) today:

The gun proposal would make concealed weapons permits from one state valid in other states as long as the person obeys the laws of other states, such as weapons bans in certain localities. It does not establish national standards for concealed weapons permits and would not allow those with permits to carry weapons into Wisconsin and Illinois, the two states that do not have concealed weapons laws.

Some would say that the States should have rights to manage their own gun laws. I generally support States rights, but this is a 2nd Amendment issue. The 2nd Amendment made firearms ownership an American right. Subsequent amendments incorporated the Constitution’s amendments to the States.

Word is that it might pass…

This issue is near and dear to me because I recently traveled through a bunch of states with differing CCW laws. Brian, my 12 year old son, was in charge of researching the state laws and informing me what was legal. He decided, at the start of the trip, that my Ruger LCP and his Kimber Desert Warrior 1911 were the only pistols we owned that met magazine capacity requirements for all the states we would pass through. He then would analyze the upcoming states and let me know if carry was permitted and what if any restrictions I should know about.

But… why should I be able to defend our RV in Indiana, but not neighboring Illinois? It makes no sense, especially in light of our 2nd Amendment.

So I hope it passes. And I hope that Congress federalizes, correctly, the right to defend yourself anywhere in this country.