Family RV Trip 2009

Today we are busy packing for a 6 week RV trip we embark on tomorrow. The journey will take us from St. George, UT through Las Vegas, Lake Havasu, Gallup, Amarillo, Tulsa, Branson, Nashville, Williamsburg, D.C., NYC,  Niagara Falls, Chicago, Mall of America, Mt Rushmore, Little Bighorn, Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, to list a few…

So last night, in preparation for the big venture we watched:

It was pretty funny.  Funnier than if we had seen it back in 2006, because a lot of the humor would have been lost unless we had the knowledge we gained prepping for this trip.

So tomorrow we are off.  To follow the trip just use the “RV Trip” category on the right.

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  1. Don’t forget, “People are funnier than anybody”. Wallet and keys are hard to replace. Wasps will love your national bug collection. Smoking is expensive, especially if it’s your brakes. So is 10W-40W motor oil in your generator, 30W only and often. Plug in after the downpour!

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