Please choose between:

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Wearing less clothes                              Being frozen under thick ice

Greenhouse gases used to be bad. Now they may be darned useful:

Scheduled shifts in Earth’s orbit should plunge the planet into an enduring Ice Age thousands of years from now but the event will probably be averted because of man-made greenhouse gases, scientists said Wednesday.

Fortunately, in their model, CO2 warming saves the day:

"Even the level that we have there now is more than sufficient to reach that critical state seen in the model," he said. "If we cut back [on CO2] some, that would probably still be enough."

But in spite of most of North America, Asia, and Europe covered under many feet of ice, we should still work to avoid greenhouse gases:

"We don’t want to give people that impression," he said. "(…) You can’t use this argument to justify [man-made] global warming."

Okay. Hmmm… Let’s assume I believe your model. 

Option 1: Without global warming from man made CO2 billions will die and be covered with thick ice.

Option 2: With global warming things will stay about like they are now.

But I should choose option 1?