I continue to be unsatisfied with Republicans on the government spending issue.  The Democrats, at least, know what they are buying with our money – votes for Democrats.

I care less about what a deficit we have than what what we are getting for the resources forcibly taken.

I can handle a deficit if it it was created giving me free lifetime energy via advanced nuclear techniques.  Or roads that would handle  the driving for me.

The real problem with our spending is that it is unproductive. That will kill us, even if the books balance.

I don’t think Tea Party people get this either. But they are closer to getting it because most unproductive government spending buys votes.

Here is a hint… if the only reason to support a government program is because it gives you money, it probably isn’t productive and should be eliminated.

Commenter Carl will no doubt say that “politics is about deciding our investments, who can decide, other than vote”.  And that is somewhat true.

The real problem we have is structural, Constitutional, and unsolvable by Congress.  Our “rules”, i.e. The Constitution, permit free rides for those who vote themselves one. That leads to ruin, a place we are well on the path to.

What to do?  Change the structure, of course.  This means going to the heart of the federal spending ability – the Income Tax.  It needs to be eliminated, or made into a flat tax rate, or even better – a flat fee.   Voters need to feel the pain of our “investments” so that they can decide if the return is worth the cost.

Will this happen?  Only after the current system collapses. Which it will. Mathematically it has too.