Pic of the Day

This is why I do hobbies other than drawing


Drawn with color pencil in waiting room of Jenny’s art class.

Pic of the Day

Brian – dusty after a 30 mile ATV ride where he was 2nd in line (dust collector)
I was 3rd and even dirtier.

Having Fun

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I’m organizing images I found on a defunct computer.  Here is one I like. Taken in park by my brothers house. Nov 2001.

Ken & Paula circa 1993

       That’s right… we were once young and hip
Taken at a Glamour Shots at the Pentagon City Mall
The shirts were _her_ idea…

Pic of the Day

I call this one the “Glowing Ears Kid” 
Taken out at the old St. George airport on a photo site scouting trip.

The glowing ears comes from having the sun behind him. Since I was scouting sites, I didn’t a flash with me, so the only option I had was a silhouette type shot.