St. George Temple in moody weather

The sun was trying to come out, but clouds were foiling it. But it looked interesting. My brother and I were at my Main Street office and decided to pop over to the St. George Temple and see how the photographs looked.  I’m all B/W in November, but post the color version because it might be more interesting. My philosophy on color is to use it if it helps. You decide!

Taken with iPhone 6+, using Panorama mode of IOS 8.1.  A key point…. if you touch the screen, in this case on the Temple, it exposes for that spot, even if you pan over to start the panorama to the left.

Then adjusted in Snapseed app for light, saturation and contrast.  B/W also done in Snapseed using B/W conversion, and exposure tuning to bring out clouds.

IMG_0319 2 IMG_0320

Photo Walk: Grafton, UT & Springdale, UT

I used an iPhone 6+ to generate all these pictures. Apps used:

– Lenka – b/w with manual mode options
– iOS 8+ panorama mode and also iOS 8 image manipulation / editing
– Snapseed – soup to nuts image manipulation. I use it to get the b/w tones as I like
– Facetune  – I touch faces up with this, but also, for instance, the details in the camera below.
– Camera+  – Used mainly for macro mode and image stabilization mode.


FullSizeRender 3

Unknown Dog in Springdale, VT

y FujiFilm X20 – used by my brother for this trek.

My brother Kevin, with Canon 1D Mark 2

Jorja – who I first met when she was 12 or so. Now she’s grown up and working at MeMe’s Cafe where we lunched.
Kevin enjoying a spot of tea in Springdale, UT
IMG_0204 2
Our ride for this “walk”… my Ford F350 turbo diesel at the Grafton Cemetery
We breakfasted at Alvaros in St. George. My Rayban’s await our journey.
FullSizeRender 2
Best entry to a cemetery… Rockville Cemetery, Rockville, UT

As often happens, I photograph photographers while they photograph scenery. Kevin at the top of Space Mesa, Virgin, UT.

Pic of the Day



If you want to do weddings you better know how to take pictures of dresses.
This was a postcard I gave out at wedding shows back when I did photography.
I smudged out the phone # so I won’t get calls.

This was taken as the sun set and hit the mountains behind. I had 3 lights set on radio remotes, including one hidden by her dress on bottom right to light her face and cause a shadow line to define her sculpted arms.
You could get this image “accidently”, but I preferred to bring enough gear so that I could make the light I wanted if nature didn’t happen to cooperate.

BTW: The original picture, which I had to crop for the postcard, has the ENTIRE dress. Never. Never. Never cut a dress off in a formal picture.