Outer Boston Area Home Invasions and Armed Robberies
Last Week
Source: IncidentLog.com

I get asked periodically for firearms recommendations for home defense and “end of world” scenarios.

First off…. one firearm is better than none, so get at least one. But if you can afford more then I would trade quality for quantity. For instance, rather than one $1000 super pistol, I’d recommend a shotgun, rifle and handgun costing $300 each.

I’ll assume that these are for general plinking and home defense use. I would set up like this:

Low Budget – $770

With this setup you could protect yourself and hunt all but the biggest game. You could be somewhere other than your family and both of you could be armed. You have lots of ammo and the likelyhood of being able to get more.

I know there are a million options and maybe you have other ideas. I prioritized price and simplicity (of operation and ammo).

I had the carbine be 9mm primarily to simplify ammo… you could substitute for a cheap used pump .308 and hunt bigger game.

Next you should get a cheap gun safe for by your bed. Use the trigger locks in the others to keep them safe. Keep their trigger lock keys in your bedside safe.

Next, make a plan – or set of plans. Just like a fire drill.

Finally, get somebody to train you to handle these firearms safely and practice practice practice.