I’d rather just burn it.
At least I get heat from that.

Obama wants to send GM and other automakers $50 billion.  That is $362 dollars for every taxpayer in the US. Of course it is closer to $1300 for folks like me who really pay the taxes.

Why?  Ignore platitudes about jobs and industrial competitiveness. This is a reward for a few million in political donations to Democrats.

And it is a stupid use of my money.

The net result of GM, for instance, going bankrupt is they get a chance to reboot with fresh, sensible contracts, and a better ability to compete.  Some jobs might be lost, and pay and benefits would certainly be lower. That isn’t a bad thing.  A kept job is better than a lost job.

The net result of Obama’s plan, where  Ken bails out GM while he gets credit for it, is they keep doing the same stupid stuff, fail later and bigger,  and I’m out $1300 bucks.

No thanks.