Recently Joe Biden, Vice Foot-in-Mouth-in-Chief, said that the raid to kill Osama Bin Laden was “most audacious plan in 500 years”.

I’ll agree it was daring by the Seals, and their DevGroup co-horts. The main risk, alas, being the problem of a conducting an unapproved operation on a purported allies’ interior.

My brother and I had an easy time picking something more audacious.

I chose the 1970 raid on Son Tay… Send American Special Forces in helicopters to 23 miles from Hanoi to rescue American POWs.  They’d been moved, but raid was certainly audacious, risky, tactically successful (over 100 NV guards killed) and although no POWs recovered sent a strong message to Hanoi that we weren’t messing around.   The plan meets “audacious” and tops it.  Both strategically, and personally – imagine the thoughts of the forces going into this raid – they were going to rescue prisoners that had been abused for 7 or 8 years. They could easily join them in oppressive captivity.

The credit Biden takes for a mission he opposed certainly is “audacious”.  Obama also “audaciously” basks in the competence, bravery, and dedication of our military he no doubt scorned most of his life.

Obama and Biden’s behavior after the Bin Laden raid could easily be the most “audacious” use of the military for political gain since Lyndon Johnson accepted a Silver Star for taking a plane ride.