Start: 201 lbs
Today: 190 lbs


I’m trying to solve one primary problem – feel better. Weight may have something to do with it, especially weight that puts stress on arthritic joints.  But it seems that a side effect of my endocrine system issues is that I get tired, feel icky, and generally don’t feel healthy or have a clear mind.  And I’ve gained weight.  I’m more concerned about the clear mind/icky stuff than the weight.

I’ve kept a log, private, of how I feel on this diet.  It has personal stuff in there, so I won’t share it entirely, but I’ll sum it up.

* Each day on the slow carb eating approach, I’ve felt energetic, clear headed and never crashed.

* EXCEPT… on binge day, as I duly noted.

* Prior to doing slow carbs, I had headaches most days, some deabilitating. On the diet…. None.

* I absolutely do not crave foods.  Put a Cinnabon in front of me, I hardly notice. Toast or Captain Crunch before bed? Never crossed my mind.

* I’m able to think better. I’m getting more work done. Starting businesses. Planning and acting.

In other words, the old, pre injury, me has reappeared.

On “plateau”…

A commenter suggested my plateau isn’t a plateau because the period of time is too short.  I agree that it isn’t a “plateau”, except in the sense that the pound a day loss stopped. Maybe a “lull” is a better term.

He also suggested that the weight loss stop might really be a fat to muscle conversion. Equal weight, but better composition. I’m starting to think that as well. I don’t trust the Omron I’ve been measuring my fat % with enough to publish it in my status updates any longer. But, as I’ve been experimenting with different measurement times in the day, I’ve found that my 5PM, home from work, measurements have been consistent, and are trending down through this plateau (18.5% to 17.3%). This is by far the smallest variation in any of the times I’ve measured.

A less objective view, but also supporting the muscle theory, is that pants that were tight aren’t, and pants that fit comfortably are falling to my knees.

I did drop a bit over a pound from yesterday. Tomorrow, with two points, we can draw a line.

This Morning…

15 Flying Dogs, Each side.
20 Glute Activations.
Various Yoga (child, pigeon, rabbit, others that I don’t recall their names) poses that reduce pain in my left hip.
30 kettlebell swings with 40 pound kettlebell

And breakfast:


Left over pork chop and green beans from Texas Road House. Whole Egg beaters microwaved in mug. Lentils with lime juice and salsa.

Today, I’ll continue the no artificial sweeteners strictness.  It is actually pretty easy to not crave the stuff because my mind is clear and active, no caffeine needed.