Salmon cakes, lentils, spinach salad, steamed broccoli, salsa.

I’d seen a can of salmon in the pantry for a couple weeks and tonight I did something about it.  Total time from grabbing can to eating… about 15 minutes.

Ken’s Recipe for Awesome 4 Hour Body Friendly Salmon Cakes

  • can of salmon
  • squeeze out water, place in bowl.
  • add 1 whole egg
  • add chopped quarter of an onion
  • mix it all up.
  • Add seasoning
    • lime juice
    • pepper
    • salt
    • lemon pepper
    • optionally, tabasco or smidge of balsamic vinegar
  • hand mix it all up.
  • get a pan of macadamia nut oil going on the stove. Medium heat. About 1/4”, or more depending on how crispy you like them.
  • mold a cake, squeeze out juice. Mold again. Squeeze until relatively dry but sticking together.
  • fry in the macadamia nut oil pan.

These were as tasty a salmon cake as I’ve ever eaten, and no breading was required.