State Delegate: SG35

Tonight Paula, the kids and I went to the SG35 GOP Precinct Caucus.  Although we always vote, this was our first caucus.

The meeting had record attendance, with over 80 people for our neighborhood.  Across the gym from us was another 60 people in SG01, making the acoustics tough.

I went with the idea of possibly running for a delegate, but wasn’t really sure.  I’d have been quite happy to have someone of a like mind run with it, as I’ve got a long todo list that doesn’t involve politicking.

First thing that happened was a motion to have whoever was elected Chair automatically assigned as a state and county delegate.  That seemed like a bad idea to me, so I voted against it.  But it carried.

The core question of the night was “Orrin Hatch”. Retire him, or swim in the hypothetical riches lavished upon Utah should he win election and become Senate Finance Committee Chairman.  I rephrase that as “Oh, so you want some pork?”.

The Present Chairman was a Hatch supporter, and against my better judgment I was convinced into running for his job, and the attendant county / state delegate seats.

In my 2 (probably 2+ minutes) I made it clear that I’m a little g government guy, libertarian leaning, and while open about the other candidates would not be supporting Hatch.

I got my hat handed to me 40 to 29. Oh well.  He’s a nice guy, diligent, and we are sympatico on things other than Hatch.  He says he is still of an open mind about Hatch.  I’ll work on him.

I then was nominated for Vice-Chair. And lost a close one.  That’s okay, I’m not sure what Vice-Chair does anyway.   But it was an ominous 0 for 2 beginning to my first political votes.

Next up, 2 remaining state delegates.  I was nominated again, along with a few other good folks. About 10 people.  We answered questions and spoke again.  I finally admitted that I’d not liked Orrin Hatch since he cut me off in traffic in front of the Russell Office Building in 1996 (I used to work and live in D.C. in a technology job)

And after the votes were tallied, I was a state delegate.

So Chuck Barton, Cody Schmitt (terrific guy), and I  will be heading to Salt Lake City to make our mark on the Utah GOP.

Between now and April 21, I’ll be working on Chuck to sway him from the dark side,  and all three of us will be inundated with candidates hoping to woo us.  This is especially likely since none of us are active in working any of the campaigns.

I’m excited to be a delegate and I take the duty very seriously.  I’ll be writing in future posts about what I will be asking the candidates, and I’ll report here on their answers.

If you live in SG35, or if you are a candidate or supporter of a candidate for state / federal office, and you are not Orrin Hatch, please feel free to contact me.  I’d be delighted to talk to you.

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  1. Congrats! We went to our first Caucus tonight, too. 135 people in our group, we are too busy with the Charter Board so we didn’t run, but we nominated people and enjoyed the process. We started out very anti-hatch, but it sounds like the other options aren’t much better… Good luck at State!

  2. Ken,

    I would have voted for you, if only based on your stance on Orrin Hatch. Hope things are going well for you guys. Good luck.

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