Aug 14

I’ve been traveling in Southern California for a couple weeks now.  My short dip back into SoCal culture fully confirms why people leave here. Yes the weather is nice. But the traffic and the discouraging and tawdry culture make me eager to head anywhere else.

Parents here seem confused about their role and duties.  The confusion manifests publically in two large ways:

  • over-sexualized clothing on pre-teen and younger girls
  • uncontrolled behavior in public by toddlers and young children.

I’m not a prude by any means, but letting your pre-teen daughter dress in fishnet seems odd and a clear indicator of trouble in a few short years.  Over sexualized attire seemed centered in Hispanic youth and families. I don’t know why.

Dressing to attract male interest at an age where male interest should not be attracted seems an odd thing for a parent to pay for and permit.  I don’t, and wouldn’t permit it in my home.  Yet it was not uncommon to see fishnet wearing Mom walking around with fishnet wearing daughter.

They were trying to be their best friend, not their parent.  Bad idea.

Then we go to the opposite issue… parents that aren’t being anything. Every time I’ve eaten out here I’ve encountered parents with toddlers and pre-kindergarten age kids that ignored their children. They didn’t talk with them. Didn’t engage with them. Didn’t give them guidance. And the kids ran amok. If they bothered to pull their nose out of their phone call, or texting, they would tell the kids to “stop that” or “get back here”, which the kids would ignore, and the parents would go back to their electronic interest, while the kids continued their screamfest running amok. 

Parents… Tell your kid something once, and then enforce it.   You aren’t their friend, you are their PARENT.  You aren’t there to “hang out” or “socialize” with them but to SOCIALIZE THEM.

If California is our national canary, then debt isn’t the only thing it sings a warning about.

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