I teach photography. Not as a profession, but because I like to. I teach to church groups, schools and even occasionally groups of my employees, or photographers I’m mentoring.

My first rule… SAFETY. For photographer and for subject.

This photo shoot, although the shots are cool, violates this rule from the beginning:

image image

Now, I do think this could be done without incident, but… basically the photographer traded time and money for safety. Time… the shots could have been done, methodically, with a remote. It would take longer and be less spontaneous, but it could be done.  Money… the shoot could have been done with an NTSC / computer link, much like shooting in studio, just with longer cables and/or RF gear.

I’m going to be shooting our USPSA matches like this going forward. I’ll use a remote on my Canon 1D Mark II or Canon 50D, or both.

I’m not going to condemn the photographer who did this shoot – he knew the risks and took steps to mitigate them. I will urge all, however, to NOT TRY THIS. (-;