Government pay scale… Plus benefits…


Evan Siegfried thinks we shouldn’t cut Federal pay, but should cut Federal workers. He writes:

At the end of the day, not one person can honestly tell you there isn’t a problem with the manner in which federal workers are compensated. This is not a partisan issue. The government needs to get serious and provide bold leadership in thinning its ranks.


I say… why choose.  Cut their pay and cut their numbers. We won’t miss them if they leave for private employment, nor will we miss them if they just aren’t there anymore.

Evan gives a few anecdotes about government staffing… I’ll share my own. I’ve taught classes to software programmers over the years. When teaching private companies, 18 of 20 were typically pretty sharp, with a couple being “not so sure”.   In a typical government class of 20, maybe 5 will be folks I might hire, 10 will be “okay for government”, and 5 will be incapable of programming.  I’ve even had students who literally couldn’t type on a computer, and didn’t know the basics of computer programming, yet they were GS-9 Computer Programmers pulling in mid-40K + great benefits.

Basically government just hires and hires until the job is done by 15% of who they have hired. And they don’t fire.

I’ve known incredibly sharp government engineers. Smart folks who could make it anywhere. But… I’ve also known too many that are just dumb as doornails and only hold the position because the government never fires anybody unless, sometimes, if they commit a crime.

The government has too many people working on too many activities.  We need to shed both the people and the things they are working on.