Jan 11

In a few short weeks, this beauty will arrive:

image thumb35 STI Sentry

It’s an STI Sentry, chambered in .40 S&W. It will be my gun for USPSA Single Stack and IDPA Enhanced Service Pistol division matches.

It will arrive just about match ready – with adjustable sights and a fiber optic front, as well as an Smith and Alexander style mag well.

I’ll have a local gunsmith smooth the trigger a touch, and polish internal parts and the feed ramp and then it will be ready to roll.

Oh… and I’ll get a supply of Virgil Tripp Cobra magazines for it – they always work.

For USPSA Single Stack, I’ll use a .40 S&W Major power factor load running about 930 FPS with a 180GR bullet.

For IDPA Enhanced Service Division, I’ll use a lighter .40 S&W load with 180GR bullet running about 800 FPS.

I’ll also carry it in my Sig Tac jacket in the Winter, or in a Cross Breed holster in the summer when I wear shirts untucked.

My son will shoot it, dissect it, and review it on his blog after it arrives.

10 Responses to “STI Sentry”

  1. Dave Moore Says:

    Just wondering if you Sentry ever showed up. I have one on order that I ‘ll use for competition too, but the date keeps slipping and is now out to the end of march. Word is that STI has some serious manufacturing problems and while quality remains good, they don’t have control of leadtimes and commitment dates.

  2. Ken Says:

    Dave – I’m in the same situation, but the delivery date was even worse than you quoted…. Fingers crossed.

  3. Dave Moore Says:

    Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but my original due date was the first week in January, then mid February, and now the end of March…..

  4. Dave Says:

    Good news, my Sentry shipped today as did four Tripp Research 10 round custom magazines guaranteed to fit inside the box for IDPA. I feel the need for some serious range time next week to prep for the qualifier at The Farm on the 26th.

  5. Ken Says:

    Great news. Shoot well!

  6. Dave Says:

    My Sentry arrived yesterday, and it took around 2.5 hours to clean it up and apply lubircant in the appripriate areas. LOTS of oil from the factory, and I had to pull the grips, firing pin and extractor to get it all. The factory mag was pretty much DOA and would only load 3 rounds. After talking to STI I pulled it apart, took some rough spots off the follower, rounded off the follower back corners and touched up dings on the spacer. It will now load and feed eight, but not nine rounds. STI is sending a replacement.

    The Tripp Cobra’s arrived today and loaded perfectly. They measure OK on the box fit and I’m looking forward to testing everything Friday. One thought, I went with the 10mm mags so I can play with the over all length of the reload a bit, and still get a good feed from the mags. Just gives me a little more opportunity to wring everything I can out of the Sentry. Hope your’s arrives soon and your as delighted as I am with the feel and trigger. Maybe we’ll get a chance to compete together some day…

  7. Ken Says:

    Interesting that it is so lubed up. And that the mags didn’t work. Wonder what regular folks would say, paying that much and having a key component not work.

    What arebyou competing in and where? I’ll use my sentry in idpa and single stack uspsa. And maybe L10.

    Ken N.

  8. Dave Says:

    I’ll be competing in IDPA ESP, and USPSA single stack. USPSA keeps it pretty pure in SS and that appeals to my sense of individual performance out weighing equipment. You still have the challenge of giving yourself every edge within the strict rules of the class.

    Since I live in the Salt Lake metro area, and have a limited number of kitchen passes, that means USPSA with SLPSA and IDPA down at The Farm in Utah county just West of Lehi. Might make it down your way his summer for a shoot and a little R & R.

  9. Dave Says:

    You’re going to love it… 280 roounds down range with two FTF’s in the first 120 or so, and none after that using the Tripp Cobra 10mm, 10 round mags. Dialed in the sights, and it is way more accurate than my Kimber Pro. Controlled pair speed is twice as fast when you just let it reset and fire. Now if I can just get those groups down to 3″ instead of 8-10″ @ 15 yards, with the controlled pair, and I’ll be starting to get the hang of it.

    I’ll look forward to reading you comments when your’s shows up and you get to play a bit. Factory mag excepted, the STI Sentry is a class act.

  10. Ken Says:

    Excellent. I’m hoping it comes soon… but not holding breath (-:

    We hope to see you in St. George for the Utah State USPSA championship in Dec. It will definitely be Sentry friendly as we are factoring in Single Stack for all stages.