Two basic paths confront us. Both will solve the economic/political problems.

I agree with Victor Davis Hanson that our nation’s problems are solvable. I’d maintain that our problems will, in fact, be solved – one way or the other.  The market doesn’t care if you believe in it. It does what it does. You are welcome to do what you do and pay the consequence.

The problem is that the “solutions” could be quite onerous. That is really the choice we have to make. Will the solutions to our problems kill millions, take away the freedoms of hundreds of millions, and devolve our nation into regional states?

Or will we recognize the OPPORTUNITY we have as the only real remaining slightly free large country in the world?

We in turn can easily outdistance any country should we remain the most free, law-abiding, and economically open society as in our past. A race-gender-ethnic-blind meritocracy, equal application of the law, low taxes, small government, and a transparent political and legal system are at the heart of that renewal. America could within a decade become a creditor nation again, with a trade balance and budget surplus, drawing in the world’s talent and capital in a way not possible in the more inflexible or less meritocratic China, Japan, or Germany. Again that is our choice, not a superimposed destiny from someone else.

I  know which route I prefer.  Will we let the UAW, and NEA, public unions, and the current political class – all the special interests who think they can be a  comfortable “elite” in a failed US -  drag us down to fund their “specialness”. Or  will we tell them “hell no” and kick them to the curb?

The small pip of light known as the Tea Party may be grown into a bonfire that will save us from the harsher solutions.  Ultimately, which way we will go isn’t obvious. History, alas, is against us.