Feb 17

image thumb28 Sidewalk Rage
Don’t you rage on that turtle!

My brother reports on a phenomenon called “sidewalk rage” where you go off on the fool[s] waddling along in front of you as you try to walk somewhere.

Researchers say the concept of “sidewalk rage” is real. One scientist has even developed a Pedestrian Aggressiveness Syndrome Scale to map out how people express their fury. At its most extreme, sidewalk rage can signal a psychiatric condition known as “intermittent explosive disorder,” researchers say. On Facebook, there’s a group called “I Secretly Want to Punch Slow Walking People in the Back of the Head” that boasts nearly 15,000 members.

I certainly am frustrated frequently by apparently healthy people dawdling along in front of me.   It happens everywhere. At airports, at malls, in lines. Everywhere. What’s so hard about walking at a good pace?

I’m frustrated, but I haven’t ‘raged’ yet.  Perhaps cause I don’t get to walk amongst people as often as I once did when residing downtown.

Meanwhile… in NYC a group of polka dotted women is fighting back against us fast iPod wearing walkers… The war rages (-:

3 Responses to “Sidewalk Rage”

  1. Paula Says:

    We (you and I) have had this discussion before. Some people just walk at a different pace. You know that even when we’re on a leisurely walk, I still feel like I’m having to power walk to keep up with you.

    What IS frustrating is when they walk three or four wide taking up an entire sidewalk, escalator, aisle, etc. That’s being inconsiderate and not paying attention to your surroundings.

  2. Kevin Says:

    I gave a solution to that- a friendly shoulder check, where you bump them hard with your shoulder, when they turn around you say, Oh, I’m sorry, I didnt see
    you”, then march on. They’ll get it, and even if they don’t, you’ll feel better.

  3. Kevin Says:

    I might have to commit a socialsklz violation just to get the Polka Dot gals to stop me.
    Sounds risky. Pull this on the wrong person and you might get socked or worse.