Apr 28

image thumb23 Review: Clarks Wave Terrain shoe

Short: Extremely comfortable.Stylish too.


I’ve just arrived in NYC for a weeks trip. We plan on lots of walking.

We went to Vegas a bit early on business, and I bought a pair of Clarks Wave Terrain shoes, and put them to use walking around the huge venues in Vegas.

They are VERY comfortable. Like walking on air.

On the flight to NYC today I actually forgot to slip them off til later in the flight.

If you walk or stand a lot, or if you have plantars fasciitis (like me), give them a try.

Update: First night in NYC… did big walk around Chelsea and then up to Rockefeller Plaza/Grand Central Station.  Feet feel great!

One Response to “Review: Clarks Wave Terrain shoe”

  1. Carl Says:

    Stylish is in the eye of the beholder and his attitude towards the opinions of others.

    My experience several years ago with Clark found a comfortable shoe that wore out much faster than Rockports do now.