Majority rule can be very nasty. As a way to govern a nation, it is not in my hierarchy of good things. It is vastly inferior to a constitutional republic, especially one where the constitution is respected.

Russ Roberts
Cafe Hayek

Commenting on Brad DeLong commenting on Hayek’s perceived lack of support for Democracy.

But as usual, Hayek was right. Unfettered Democracy sucks just as bad as Unfettered Dictatorship.  This “fettering" part seems important doesn’t it?

Now… which way do we head? Towards unfettered or fettered? Towards or away from respect for a Constitution?

I’d say we head in the WRONG way on both questions.  But I also believe that some changes to our Constitution (16th particularly) were the root of our direction and they key to our governments current unfettered state.

Again, the key is “fettered”.