A war he’d just as soon not fight

Here we go again.

If you read the highlights of Bob Woodward’s new book it seems clear that Obama doesn’t want to be in Afghanistan. I don’t know if that is because he is generally anti-war/anti-military, because he’d rather spend the money on unions, or because he just wants to hide his head in the sand.

But instead of just imposing his will as Commander in Chief, and taking responsibility for this decision, he instead takes the best advice of his military advisers and corrupts it. He thus ensures lots of soldiers are there to get hurt or killed, but not enough to get the mission done.  He even refuses to talk about the war in terms of winning or losing.

In this he rises his stock as American’s most evil, narcissistic, “it’s all about me”, President since Richard Nixon.  That’s right… evil.  Getting other people killed, for your political benefit, is evil in my book.

This isn’t hope and change. This is politics from 1970. Its retro… and not the good kind.

Those who voted for Obama ought to be ashamed. And if they haven’t yanked their support for him then they need their head examined.

Obama is 2010’s Nixon. There are no protests because there is no draft, and the military is a tiny percentage of our population. Our callow nation pays false homage to the sacrifices our volunteer military makes while voting in those that will abuse that service. It’s sick, frankly.  It says much about Obama, and even more about us.


  1. Armchair strategists are everywhere.

  2. Ken

    September 22, 2010 at 9:12 am

    Unfortunately, one of them is President.

  3. An armchair strategist is one with no responsibility who suffers no consequences of being wrong. Our Presidents are typically elected on domestic issues, like the economy, stupid, with little international experience and they have learn international strategy on the job. But they are responsible for the consequences of their decisions.

    The last president with international experience was Bush I and before him Ike. And as long as we ruled the world, we could afford amateurs in the White House.

    Maybe if we were a more mature electorate, we would choose more mature presidents with some international experience. Instead we squabble over emotional questions like religion and abortion, delusions about domestic economics, fear of losing some benefit, sexual fidelity, and any number of inconsequential issues. It’s not clear to me that we know what we want in a president other than a punching bag that could never give us all the things we say we want (and could never have anyway).

  4. Ken

    September 22, 2010 at 9:00 pm

    You picked this guy not me.

  5. The alternative (whom I presume you voted for) in that election didn’t have much international experience either. He was a lot older but not demonstrably more mature.

    Ask yourself how the electorate found itself so enamored of a young first term Senator with no international or military experience against an older man with military experience. Why did not the Republicans nominate a mature and balanced contender, and why would such a candidate probably have lost anyway?

    Could it be that the primary elections produce candidates only at the extremes where moderates have no chance and the extreme policies have little chance also?

  6. Ken

    September 23, 2010 at 7:35 am

    I was not happy with my choices. I did not vote for McCain.

    I’ve maintained for a long time that our system is broken. McCain’s only “extreme” was stupidity.

    I don’t care about moderate – that’s stupid cheezy meaningless talk. We have en’t elected anybody with the RIGHT and WORKABLE views for decade. They’ve all been living off the futures money, and somebody will have to pay.

    16th amendment did us in.

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