Jim Matheson wasn’t one of them

And that, ladies and gentleman, is how you sucker an entire state. Step 1, have a famous name, Step 2, promise to honor their values, Step 3, do whatever the hell you want.

The “porkulus” bill, also called H.R. 1, passed the House yesterday with no Republican’s supporting it and 11 Democrats voting against it.

Jim Matheson, who spent all the last election lying to us about “fiscal responsibility” and touting himself a member of the Blue Dog Democrats, voted for it.

What a punk SOB. How did he get bought off?  Money for the UEA?

We need to get rid of that loser. Pronto. Too bad Utah doesn’t have a recall provision.

Trusting, earnest, and hard working, Utahan’s can’t seem to resist a good scam whether it be a healthy juice or an LDS candidate with a famous Utah name.

Now the hosing of the future moves on to Orrin Hatch and Jim Bennett. Feeling queasy yet?

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  1. My Name is Eric Sly and I am running for the United States House of Representatives, Utah 2nd District in 2010.

    I am a Republican who is sick of BOTH parties. Elitist cowards! I am a 28 year old with a wife and 2 daughters. I can barely pay for my cars, rent, insurance and food.. In fact I am seriously considering dropping my health insurance it is so high; and I have to sit here while these people piss away more in a minute what I will make MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!!!!!!!

    I am sick of these wanks blowing BILLIONS on pet projects in hopes of getting re-elected. They don’t know what it is like wondering where your family’s next meal will come from. They don’t know what it is like to not know if you will be able to make the next hospital bill payment. THEY DON’T KNOW. And they play games with our lives like its a game of MONOPOLY!!!! WE THE PEOPLE, not WE THE LAWYER ELITES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THROW THEM ALL OUT!

    Email me if you will support me. I believe that every single person in one’s district is important, and as such should be well represented regardless of what letter is next to your name!

    I need your support. I am serious about this. I am a REAL AMERICAN who works my butt off just to survive and these THIEVES are stealing everything we have by the day, and they look at us and laugh! They think we are mindless drones. WE THE PEOPLE.

    Email Eric Sly piratecoastbucs@yahoo.com I NEED YOUR SUPPORT.

    I WANT AN END TO THIS. Utah’s 2nd District deserves a Representative with BALLS!

    I want you to support the IDEALS not me personaly. I want to fight for what IS RIGHT, and not just to appease the Socialist Totalitarians in charge, i.e. Pelosi.

    Thank You

    Eric Sly

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