Aug 14

This story from the Warsaw Ghetto of WW II… inspires and frightens at the same time.

He lay Natalie on their front step. Tears ran down his cheeks. You will make it, he thought. She had blond locks and blue eyes. They will think you are a Gentile, not one of us.

The inspiring part is obvious. What is frightening about it?  Well, to me it is a reminder that the specter of absolute tyranny is never far away, and it is always reaching, grabbing, and trying to ensnare.

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4 Responses to “Hard times… we know nothing”

  1. Carl Says:

    So, in democracies and markets people get what they want almost totally regardless of what is good for them.

  2. Carl Says:

    Comment above is in the wrong topic, not meant for Poland.

    On the Warsaw Ghetto, I was there this year and in several of the other historic places in Poland where Nazis ran amok with a hellish idea of the uses and purposes of power. The Poles have remarkably recovered from their Nazi occupation followed by the Russian occupation, but are still in the unpleasant situation of having no natural barriers to their east and west neighbors and no long term alliances with strong friends.

    We can study the rise of the Nazis in Germany to understand how tyranny gains power. In principle, our checks and balances scheme makes it difficult for anyone to concentrate dictatorial power. But in principle, Germany of 1930 also had a parliamentary system. Unfortunately, they were looking far a savior in an economic mess resulting from a previous aggressive war and found a destroyer. Beware of saviors; we must solve our own problems with our own means.

  3. Ken Says:

    Obama might want to be a dictator, I don’t know. But I know our military wouldn’t let him. We won’t fall for something so overt. They are just going to micro regulate us to the death. EPA, FDA, TSA, I note today they are floating a “Department of Jobs”. Lame.

  4. Carl Says:

    Any president would like more unilateral power but the political opponents constantly carp of a threat of dictatorship. It’s par for our course and a requisite part of our political theater.

    Private interests would like unilateral power also but we keep them in check with regulation as needed to keep the honest men honest.