Good idea: Repeal Amendment

NewImage.jpgLooks like 2/3rds to me!

This Repeal Amendment, which lets the states repeal Federal legislation is a good idea.

Other good amendment ideas… Balanced Budget, Flat Tax, and No Anchor Babies.

Or just have one Big amendment, called the “Fixing stupid ideas from the past Amendment”.

I’d also favor a part-time Congress. And not permitting serial holding of political offices.

I suspect that 80% of the population would like these ideas, and 0% of the political class.



  1. Pandering 101 with Calhoun’s nullification idea. The empty states would like to dictate to the populous states which is why the Constitutional compromise of House and Senate exists. To get any law passed it took half the population’s representatives AND half the states’ representatives. Repeal by any number of states upsets the entire Constitutional balance. If it were two-thirds of states AND two thirds of the voters, it would be only a radical idea. With states only, it’s a mere power grab which Tea Party folks of course deny because they are pure at heart. Naive, but pure.

    Beware of playing with the Constitution for policy purposes. True conservatives know better. But our “modern” conservatives don’t seem to be made from tradition respecting material since they can’t wait to reach for the Constitution when they can’t win the policy battles.

  2. Ken

    November 22, 2010 at 2:14 pm

    A policy of “small Federal government” is what the Constitution was about originally. I just want to return it. Or is the Constitution only a one way ratchet towards Socialism?

  3. Ken

    November 22, 2010 at 2:14 pm

    As to winning “policy” battles… we do win them. What we don’t win are corruption battles. That’s your sides game. You go out and spend my money buying votes and call it “democracy”. I call it theft and corruption.

  4. I would rather be called naïve than lose all hope of coming back from the brink.

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