Good Idea: Press Disclosure

Only one staffer at Slate will vote for McCain.

I’m happy Slate puts this info out.  That said, it doesn’t reflect well on them, mainly because the reasons given for voting for Obama are often inane and border-line ridiculous:

I like the fact that he’s "cool"—better that than a hothead. Though this wouldn’t be a good reason to support him if it were the only reason

Uh-huh.  At least they put it out there.   I bet most places you get “news” from would have similar results and equally dismal reasons.

Perhaps this should be a requirement in order to qualify for the shielding the press gets from some laws (like being a traitor).

Kudos to Slate.

Boo to Microsoft for using my shareholder dollars to fund liberal claptrap like Slate.  Well… Kausfiles is good. The rest is crap.


  1. Slate is owned by the Washington Post Company, not Microsoft.

  2. Ken

    October 28, 2008 at 2:29 pm

    Thank you Farhad. I should have been more specific. Microsoft started Slate with my shareholder money, they then sold it to the Washington Post in 2004.

  3. Its still crap, regardless of who owns it.

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