Dayspring Montessori Cake Auction

This year our 32”x18” cake was a bit of a family project. It was also complicated by a really inconvenient trip to the ER by my wife for ball bladder surgery. So she did, in 1 day, what she’d planned to spread over three.

The “theme’ this year was “Haunted Bajou”:


A haunted gingerbread house, with dock to alligator infested swamp. Skulls, a cemetary with vulture, and a dark foreboding forest…




Brian built a sturdy wood base with carry handles and room for electronics mounting and drive ice underneath. I added electronics, including lights and a small computer fan in the house to spread the dry ice smoke.  Jenny & Paula baked and decorated the cake itself.

The cake took the top bid at the auction, for $210 dollars.

This is a sign of the times…. 2 years ago it might have fetched $600 or even a $1,000.


  1. Shades (no pun) of “The Southern Vampire Mysteries”. Add a couple of dancing “mud bugs” next time.

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